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Drones: From Air to Water

ABSTRACT: The aerial drone market could be cumulatively worth $91 billion over the next decade. As attractive as this market is, Sophic Capital believes that there is a nascent drone market which could prove more lucrative to investors – sea drones, or unmanned underwater vehicles.

Water covers over 70% of the Earth, yet we’ve explored less than 5% of seabeds due to the sea’s hostile environment, an environment better suited for machines than humans. We believe the unmanned underwater vehicle industry, which MarketsandMarkets estimates will be worth $4.8 billion by 2019, will ramp in a similar manner to its aerial drone […]

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Drones: A Rising Market


The unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) market is expected to be cumulatively worth $91 billion over the next decade. Although military spending dominates the industry, the industrial and consumer markets are quickly adopting drones and have decades of growth ahead.

This is the first of two Sophic Capital reports about the drone industry. Our second report will focus on how drones will work in earth’s final under-explored frontier – the sea.

Five Reasons to Read this Report

The aerial drone market could cumulatively be worth $91 billion over the next decade;
Military spending on aerial drones continues to ramp;
Consumer and industrial adoption of aerial drones […]

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E3 Increases our Confidence that 2016 Will Be a Breakout Year for VR

ABSTRACT: Last week, we attended E3, the gaming industry’s premier convention. Virtual reality was prominently featured, and we got to try the newest Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Unfortunately, we couldn’t try Microsoft’s HoloLens, but we spoke with some gamers who waited up to 8 hours for the demo. Other gamers and industry enthusiasts we spoke with were adamant that virtual reality is real and will have a stable home within the gaming community. The hardware appears ready, and the games and content (which we believe will […]

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Awed by the AWE 2015 Conference

Abstract: We briefly discussed the potential of augmented reality in our three virtual reality research reports. We knew that augmented reality is a more mature and larger market opportunity than virtual reality. However, it wasn’t until we attended AWE 2015, one of the industry’s most important conferences, that we realized how far the technology in the glasses (or heads-up displays) has advanced. Although it is still likely years away for smart glasses to be commonplace, we are convinced that augmented reality will change the world in the same scales as radio waves, the transistor, and […]

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The Inside Story from the Inside 3D Printing and 3D Printshow Conferences

3D printing is a technology that could be worth $21 billion by 2020, according to Wohlers Associates, Inc. Last week, in New York, we attended two industry conventions to speak with 3D printing executives and e are unreliable; materials could be the next big growth area; content could be king; artists are rapidly adopting the technology; manufacturers will have to rethink designs. What surprised us the most was the perception that there aren’t that many reliable machines out there. This leads us to believe that any company producing an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use, reliable 3D printer has a definite advantage in a […]

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A Simple Solution to Protect Consumers and Pharma Companies from Dangerous Fake Drugs

April 8, 2014

The counterfeit pharmaceutical industry could be worth as much as $200 billion annually, which is slightly less than the $246 billion illicit drug trade. Criminal organizations are largely behind these counterfeit operations which could cause one million people to die this year. Nanotech Security, a Sophic Capital client, has a solution successfully deployed in the banknote industry which is portable to prescription pills. The technology is called KolourOptik, and it is a low cost, end-user engaging, near impossible to duplicate anti-counterfeiting technology that can be created […]

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You Gotta C This

How the Type-C Connector Could Revolutionize Electronic Devices

Apple’s decision to replace three legacy ports on its next generation MacBook with the USB Type-C connector is evidence that this connector is about to disrupt the consumer electronics industry. Google then announced dual Type C ports on its Chromebook Pixel. The Type-C’s smaller connector and its thinner cable allow for not only a streamlined physical profile but also faster data rates (10Gbps) and up to 100W of power. Rumour has it that Microsoft will introduce Type-C connectivity for Windows 10 systems. Whether or not the rumour is true, we believe that Apple’s […]

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3D PRINTING – The Education Sector is on the Cusp of Adoption

March 16, 2015: 3D printing is a technology that could be worth $21 billion by 2020. Hobbyists and the medical and retailing sectors have already embraced 3D printing’s potential. But due to a lack of teacher training and educational content, the educational sector has hesitated to implement 3D printing as a science, technology, education, art, math (STEAM) tool. We believe this is about to change as a select group of 3D printing companies focus on developing STEAM based content to complement their printers (which we believe will become commoditized over the upcoming years).

Investors seeking a 3D printing pure play in […]

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Virtual Reality: It’s Real All Right

Immersing Ourselves at the 2015 Game Developers Conference

We attended GDC 2014 and 2015. While virtual reality was present last year, this year we are convinced it is here to stay and will have wide spreading impact across several industries. The number of head-mounted devices has increased significantly along with numerous sensors and input systems to support the ecosystem. Content is beyond belief; it really is real. You experience fear, joy, anxiety; your heart can race; this stuff is amazing. Science fiction has become real, and we believe that wide-spread adoption could occur within a year and a half – quicker […]

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Latest Trend in EdTech – BYOD

Bring your own device (BYOD) allows educational institutions to preserve their budgets by strategically passing most of mobile device investment and maintenance costs to the students. In return, students benefit from interactive student/teacher engagements, and the ability to learn at their own pace on their preferred device by actively participating into their learning experience. Although a multitude of BYOD educational tools and apps exist, a problem remained until recently – binding the devices to one platform so that teachers can control the mobile devices within the classroom. We provide a detailed look at the education technology “edtech” market and how […]

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