Clear Skies for Cloudy Cybersecurity

Contrary to popular belief, most public cloud services companies don’t guarantee data asset security. This worrisome detail hasn’t stemmed enterprises’ adoption of cloud services, even though their cybersecurity tools are still rooted on-premise. But on-premise tools are ineffective in public clouds, and even less so when tools from different vendors are stacked together. One company has remedied this impasse: Backed by a Silicon Valley management team that has had several exits, Sophic Capital client Nubeva (NBVA:TSXV) has a blockchain solution that bridges the enterprise disconnect between on-premise cybersecurity tools and public cloud use. It’s a solution that’s generating revenue from Fortune 500 clients, and there are no direct competitors. Nubeva’s executive team has decades of cybersecurity and network experience, the Company’s balance sheet is solid on the back of a C$10 million financing, and two high-profile NASDAQ cybersecurity IPOs along with a wave of industry consolidation have shifted investor interest into this space. Cybersecurity and blockchain are timely investment themes, and Nubeva is a public investment vehicle that couples both.

Why You Need to Read this Report
1. Enterprises are losing the battle to protect public cloud data;
2. Cybersecurity is crucial but lacking as enterprises move to cloud services;
3. Two NASDAQ cybersecurity IPOs have refocused investors on the industry;
4. See some of the 200 M&A cybersecurity transactions that occurred in 2017;
5. Sophic client Nubeva (NBVA:TSXV) has a revenue-generating blockchain cybersecurity solution that minimizes cloud cybersecurity threats by enabling best-of-breed tools.

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