CBC Radio conducted an interview with Kraken’s President and CEO Karl Kenny where he discusses:

  1. Recently announced contract with US Navy, some history about how they have been working with the US Navy, and how large the opportunity could be for Kraken;
  2. Recently announced $2.1 million sale of a KATFISH to ThayerMayhan, what they are doing with KatFISH, and their ability to generate future repeat orders;
  3. A foreign Navy was testing the KATFISH platform in Halifax yesterday;
  4. Next anticipated major catalyst is the Ocean Supercluster award, which Kraken hopes to win one of the first awards within the next month;
  5. Strategic investor Ocean Infinity and Kraken’s relationship, and that Kraken anticipates selling $10 million of equipment to them in 2019; and,
  6. Looking ahead the Company is on track to at least double its revenue in 2019 and is well positioned for growth in the underwater robotics market.

Listen to the full interview below.