Last week, we attended our third Game Developers Conference (GDC). GDC 2015 convinced us that virtual reality (VR) was viable and will spread across several industries. GDC 2016 surpassed our expectations. The headsets are ready, so much so that VR content was the focus rather than hardware. The content is loaded across all three high-end VR gaming platforms, and release dates are imminent. VR is here. VR is going mainstream. VR is real.

As a final note, some of the companies we met and trends we observed sparked déjà vu from out attendance at CES 2016 this past January, so we’ve included some of our thoughts and observations from that show too.

Why You Need to Read this Report

  1. Learn how VR has evolved over the last three Game Developers Conferences (GDC)s;
  2. Read our reviews of popular VR content;
  3. Discover what gaming industry professionals and enthusiasts are thinking;
  4. We answer the tethered versus wireless head-mounted device (HMD) debate, and;
  5. See what we uncovered about VR at CES 2016 in January.