Top VR and AR Talent Meets in Toronto

Virtual and Augmented Realities exist today. Consumer platforms are for sale; the torrent of content creation continues to swell as do the toolkit options enabling that content creation. Some of these were displayed at Toronto’s inaugural VRTO Conference, which saw local and internationally acclaimed experts and enthusiasts meet for two days of industry and technology updates. One of the most valuable things precipitating from the VRTO Conference was not content or technology; it was something far more tangible and important – ethics. Experts and enthusiasts spent part of the Conference refining a code of ethics that will help secure your rights as VR and AR sensing technology begins to collect more of your personal data. If you are looking to attend the biggest VR/AR conference, VRTO was not for you. But if you wanted to participate in town hall discussions and have access to industry experts influencing the future of VR and AR industries, the VRTO Conference hit the virtual nail on the head.