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GDC Day 1: Virtual Reality Dominates

Sophic Capital is at the 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. This is our third consecutive GDC, and what a difference two years makes for the advancement of VR. Two years ago Oculus demoed the DK2, and people were blown away. That quickly resulted in Facebook buying the company. Last year new HMDs entered including HTC Vive and Sony’s Project Morpheus (now called “PlayStation VR” or “PSVR”). This is the year of content, which we have always said will drive VR adoption.

Click HERE to read more.

Click HERE to watch a video about the games coming to Oculus.

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No Machine Left Behind

How the Industrial Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

We live in a data-driven society where we’re constantly connected to each other. Now the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting “things” together. But one industry lags when it comes to connecting “things”. Most industrial plant managers, CEOs and CFOs don’t know what’s happening on their shop floors since their manufacturing machines are “islands of automation” that aren’t connected to each other, or able to report on their productivity in real-time. One public Canadian company has solved this problem. Leading manufacturers are purchasing this company’s “industrial” IoT, or IIoT, solution and seeing […]

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Dive Into This – Underwater Drones: A Market Easy to Fathom

Reasons to Read this Report

Catch up on some of the significant newsworthy events in the underwater drone industry since we published our first report “From Air to Water” on September 14, 2015;
Learn about the continued threat presented by naval mines;
Aerial drones saturated CES 2016. Find out what the aerial drone manufacturers told us about the underwater drone space, and;
Discover a public company gaining industry-wide attention and contracts

Download Sophic Capital’s second Underwater Drones report HERE.

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Socially Unfashionable – Counterfeit Clothing and Accessories

Counterfeit clothing and accessories are some of the largest counterfeit goods verticals. Luxury brands convey social status, a level of success that most people won’t achieve. And in order to show affluence, some of these people purchase counterfeit clothing and accessories sporting fake luxury logos. These consumers may not know nor care that the counterfeit goods trade incurs horrible social costs including exploitation of migrant and child labourers, job loss, and reduced tax revenue. Until the purchase of counterfeit goods becomes socially unacceptable, the trade will flourish. In the meantime, we introduce a technology that can publicly distinguish between fake […]

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CES Day 4 – Fun Tech

Click here to download Sophic Capital’s CES Day 4 report.

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CES Day 3 – Focusing on Tech

Day 3 at CES yielded a ton of interesting technology that validated our theses on certain sectors. We visited more virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) OEMs and exited our discussions with stronger convictions that these technology sectors are real. We also visited the drone space and found our first consumer underwater drone application. Still, CES overwhelms, and we won’t visit 20% of the companies that we planned to see.

Download Sophic Capital’s CES Day 3 report here.

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CES Day 2 – We Kind of Failed You

CES is a darn big show. We planned to visit several booths yesterday but didn’t due to a combination of informal meetings, spotting cool stuff that we just had to investigate, and being lost; all slowed us down beyond elbowing our way through the 2.4 million square feet of exhibits. And although we didn’t accomplish as much as we wanted, we still uncovered some jewels that relate to tech themes we believe will blossom into multi-billion dollar industries.

Click here to read more of Sophic Capital’s – CES Day 2 report.

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CES Day 1: Stats & Thoughts from Tech Leaders

Sophic Capital is at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.  Day one was filled with product announcements (which we didn’t attend). But CES also had several keynote session and panel discussions. We discovered what’s on thought leaders’ minds.  Wednesday, though, is when the convention floor opens, and we’ll find out what’s going on in consumer electronics.  Preliminary data and conversations indicates that virtual reality, automobile technology, and wearables are at the forefront.  More of that to come in the coming days.

Download Sophic Capital’s CES Day 1 report here.

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Watch Sophic Capital’s President and CEO Sean Peasgood Talk Tech on BNN

Watch video here.

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December 1, 2015 – The stock markets are recovering from summer’s ugly sell-off. Small-cap stocks got slaughtered, and when small-cap stocks get slaughtered, a lot of Canadian small-cap technology stocks are crushed. Summer was no exception and combined with tax-loss selling we think some names are set up well for 2016. Thankfully, at least from a stock-market perspective, summer is over, and investors are starting to get interested in good stocks again. If you’re an optimist, you know the summer slaughter was a temporary blip over the long-term, and small-cap tech stocks are […]

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