Now and again (actually quite often) you get a second chance to buy a stock after missing its initial run. This is very true in the microcap technology world where the market can get very excited (and rightfully so) about the future potential of a disruptive technology, but then it takes longer for orders and accelerated sales than initially expected. This is especially true when a product is completely new (or unknown) and a company is defining a new product category. This is exactly what has happened at Legend Power® Systems (LPS-TSXV), and why it presents an opportunity for investors. The Company has a strong balance sheet following a $10 million bought deal financing (at $0.80 per share) in April 2018 and recently has seen a pick-up in news about orders in both Ontario and in New York. The 5-year and 1-year charts for the stock are below, and we provide more details about why Legend should be on your radar, and why it justifies undertaking more due diligence. Read report HERE.