Kicking Some Digital Ass in Las Vegas

99% of manufacturing machine data is trapped inside the machines. Real-time machine data is essentially non-existent because manufacturers fear security breaches in a networked machine environment. Unlocking this data via secure networks and allowing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) analysis would weed out invisible and expensive inefficiencies.

This issue was at the forefront of IIoT experts in the Connected Machines pavilion at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual technology conference. We saw Cisco’s secure network solution for manufacturing environments, which was exhibited with partner MEMEX’s Manufacturing Operations Management System platform. Mass adoption of using real-time, machine data analytics to create business outcomes is beginning, and MEMEX is positioned to become the industry leader.

Why You Need to Read this Report

  1. Learn how MEMEX Inc., a public company, and Cisco are addressing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market;
  2. We present a real use case of the Cisco/MEMEX relationship, and;
  3. Discover how big the long-term IIoT market opportunity could be – hint: not “billions” but “trillions”.

Download Sophic Capital’s “Cisco and MEMEX Partner to Win the Secure IIoT Market” report HERE.