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“VRy” Interesting

VR/AR OEM Update as the Industries Heat Up
 January 10, 2017

VR and AR industry growth is accelerating. Three years ago, one or two news stories a day were significant. Now, we seem to get one or two stories every few minutes. Tracking the industries and following the Tier-one vendors helps us understand what’s going on and gives us continued confidence that VR and AR are real. The smaller (and usually private) companies are doing very innovative things, often driving the futures of VR and AR. Determining where to invest is difficult, but Spectra7 Microsystems (SEV:TSX), a Sophic Capital client, provides critical, […]

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We Need To Push-to-Talk

A Lucrative Investment at the Push of A Button

December 5, 2016

Emergency first responders and vehicle fleet managers need instantaneous and clear communications to save lives and increase productivity. Traditional proprietary networks are expensive to maintain, and carriers are decommissioning legacy cellular networks once used for Push-to-Talk communications and transitioning customers to newer networks. A new generation of dedicated cellular devices for commercial vehicles as well as rugged smartphones with Push-to-Talk features and productivity apps has emerged, and Siyata Mobile (SIM:TSX-V) (SIMFF:OTC), a cellular handset OEM with extensive carrier and software relationships, looks poised to win significant market share.

Click HERE to access the […]

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Building a Powerful Legend in the Electricity Market

Utilities deliver voltages higher than what customers need. The cost of electric power for commercial buildings is especially high, since the machines, lighting, and heating systems often operate 24/7.  Legend Power Systems (a Sophic Capital client) has a solution called the Harmonizer that deals with this voltage differential and saves businesses money. Legend’s Harmonizer, based on proprietary technology, automatically regulates distribution line voltages entering commercial buildings, and it also has a bypass feature if line voltages are too low. The Harmonizer, which is backed by a 10-year warranty, generally pays back in 3 […]

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Sophic Capital Interview with Spectra7 Microsystems CEO Raouf Halim

On September 26, 2016, Spectra7 Microsystems (SEV:TSX, SPVNF:OTCMKTS) announced the appointment of CEO Raouf Halim. We had a chance to sit down with Mr. Halim to discuss his background, his experience, and why he decided to join Spectra7. He also shared some of his insights about Spectra7’s target markets, and where he thinks the Company can be in the next 5 years.

Download Sophic Capital’s interview HERE.

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Rise of the Machines

Rise of the Machines
IMTS Proves the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Here

The manufacturing industry has been a large adopter and innovator of technology for decades. Sophic Capital attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) to discover the prevalent themes. Automation continues to dominate, relying heavily on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Real-time, data-driven manufacturing emerged as a major theme due to its ability to parse plant inefficiencies and maximize profitability. We believe that Memex Inc. (OEE:TSXV), a Sophic Capital client, is well positioned to become an industry leader.

Why You Need to Read this Report

Read how automation continues to disrupt the […]

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Cisco and MEMEX Partner to Win the Secure IIoT Market

Kicking Some Digital Ass in Las Vegas

99% of manufacturing machine data is trapped inside the machines. Real-time machine data is essentially non-existent because manufacturers fear security breaches in a networked machine environment. Unlocking this data via secure networks and allowing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) analysis would weed out invisible and expensive inefficiencies.

This issue was at the forefront of IIoT experts in the Connected Machines pavilion at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual technology conference. We saw Cisco’s secure network solution for manufacturing environments, which was exhibited with partner MEMEX’s Manufacturing Operations Management System platform. Mass adoption of using real-time, machine data […]

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Top VR and AR Talent Meets in Toronto

Virtual and Augmented Realities exist today. Consumer platforms are for sale; the torrent of content creation continues to swell as do the toolkit options enabling that content creation. Some of these were displayed at Toronto’s inaugural VRTO Conference, which saw local and internationally acclaimed experts and enthusiasts meet for two days of industry and technology updates. One of the most valuable things precipitating from the VRTO Conference was not content or technology; it was something far more tangible and important – ethics. Experts and enthusiasts spent part of the Conference refining a code […]

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Charlie Rose Interviews Virtual Reality Experts

Charlie Rose Interviews Virtual Reality Experts
This past Tuesday, famed journalist Charlie Rose interviewed five virtual reality (VR) experts for an overview of the technology’s potential (link). The following are the key takeaways from the discussion:

About VR

VR is difficult to describe, but when people see it, they get it.
VR is as revolutionary as the invention of the telephone or television.  All these technologies communicate the way people communicate – through our senses.
VR fidelity is so great that it can trick the mind into thinking it is immersed in a real experience
When VR works, it takes over your senses
A decade from now, we’ll look at […]

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That’s The Ticket!

Your Ticket to Not Getting Scammed

Nearly 5 million Americans purchase counterfeit tickets each year. And with the world’s top 5 sports leagues attracting 158 million attendees from 2014 through 2015, counterfeiters have capitalized on the opportunity to dupe consumers into purchasing counterfeit tickets. Legacy anti-counterfeiting technologies for tickets are easily copied, complete with instructional videos. However, one public company is providing the next generation of anti-counterfeiting technology for the ticketing industry, winning a recent contract to supply the technology for UEFA EURO 2016tickets.

Download Sophic Capital’s Counterfeit Ticket research report HERE.

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Sophic Capital on Business News Network: Investing in micro caps – Strategy & tips for “disruptive technology”

Watch Sophic Capital’s CEO and President Sean Peasgood share his strategy and tips for investing in micro cap technology stocks on Business News Network.



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