Raise the Avro Arrow with Kraken Sonar (VIDEO)

Kraken Sonar (PNG:TSXV, KRKNF:OTC) had several catalysts during the first week of September 2017. The Company announced a C$3 million contract for its sonar and signal processing solution. Kraken Sonar also presented their successful results for finding Avro Arrow models at the bottom of Lake Ontario, at a large media event that the BBC also covered.

This video discloses more info on this and future catalysts for Kraken Sonar.

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December 1, 2015 – The stock markets are recovering from summer’s ugly sell-off. Small-cap stocks got slaughtered, and when small-cap stocks get slaughtered, a lot of Canadian small-cap technology stocks are crushed. Summer was no exception and combined with tax-loss selling we think some names are set up well for 2016. Thankfully, at least from a stock-market perspective, summer is over, and investors are starting to get interested in good stocks again. If you’re an optimist, you know the summer slaughter was a temporary blip over the long-term, and small-cap tech stocks are […]

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