ABSTRACT: The aerial drone market could be cumulatively worth $91 billion over the next decade. As attractive as this market is, Sophic Capital believes that there is a nascent drone market which could prove more lucrative to investors – sea drones, or unmanned underwater vehicles.

Water covers over 70% of the Earth, yet we’ve explored less than 5% of seabeds due to the sea’s hostile environment, an environment better suited for machines than humans. We believe the unmanned underwater vehicle industry, which MarketsandMarkets estimates will be worth $4.8 billion by 2019, will ramp in a similar manner to its aerial drone cousin.

Reasons to Read this Report About Sophic Client and Micro Cap Stock PNG:

  1. The aerial drones market continues to expand; the unmanned underwater vehicle, or sea drone, market is a nascent industry at an inflection point;
  2. Water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface, yet we’ve mapped only 5% of the seabed (never mind everything between the surface and the seabed), creating a big opportunity;
  3. You’ll learn about the different types of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV); page 4,
  4. An industry insider tells us how he sees UUVs evolving in the oil and gas sector; page 7,
  5. You’ll read about the diverse industries set to adopt UUVs, en masse; page 7,
  6. You’ll understand the types of technology used in UUVs; page 16 and,
  7. You’ll learn about investable companies, including Kraken Sonar Systems (TSXV:PNG), a Sophic Capital client; page 19.