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New data suggests that the #esports industry will be worth more than $3 billion globally by 2025! Learn more about this massive growth https://www.esportsbets.com/news/report-2-billion-esports-industry-growth-by-2025/

"Southeast Asia is expected to lead the world in esports revenue with compound annual growth of 20.8% through 2024, nearly double the global rate..."

Take a look at why #esports & gaming is booming in Singapore https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/singapore-sets-its-sights-on-becoming-a-world-force-in-esports-1.1637232

With the current momentum in esports & the lack of customer loyalty with telecoms providers, there's a very real and disruptive threat on the horizon.

Learn more about the opportunity for #telcos in #esports https://swarmiomedia.medium.com/why-telcos-must-get-in-the-game-for-the-rise-of-esports-bfae0b988c56

"Guided by trends such as #IoT and 5G, telecom providers have led the charge, as they already had the footprint necessary to support it."

Check out this deep dive into the relationship between edge computing, networking & #data management https://www.eweek.com/cloud/how-edge-computing-edge-networking-and-edge-data-management-work-together/

"Online gaming is one of the highest-growth segments of the digital industry... yet carriers are struggling to establish their position within the existing gaming value chain."

Read about top #tech trends impacting #telecom convergence https://www.verdict.co.uk/telecom-convergence-technology-trends/

Telecom operators have the upper hand when it comes to delivering deterministic low latency connectivity under 20ms, the base level for real-time applications such as cloud #gaming, autonomous cars & drones.

Learn why #telcos can't ignore the edge https://swarmiomedia.medium.com/54b-by-2024-why-telcos-cannot-ignore-the-edge-40a96eb4afbf

"5G brings with it better edge computing features, augmenting the existing cloud infrastructure. This helps businesses... create new user experiences that were never possible before."

Check out this roundup of top #tech impacts https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2021/07/08/13-big-impacts-5g-has-already-had-on-business-and-consumer-life/?sh=4cd847602b75

"You have to be part of the game publishers' revenue stream in order to be really meaningful in the gaming ecosystem." — @Vijai_K, CEO

Check out our latest interview with @CapacityMedia on how #telcos can get a piece of the content gaming pie https://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pnum=41&edid=174565c7-9ebb-426d-a778-b87527dacc6a&isshared=true

#Gaming is a life-long activity. Capture lifelong gamers by offering special packages via a portal, combined with an exclusive loyalty program. Deliver the ultimate experience that caters to all lifestyle aspects - be it playing, sharing or being rewarded. https://swarmio.media/telecom/

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