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The New Wave Has Arrived in the “Battle Bong” State

The New Wave Has Arrived in the “Battle Bong” State

Welcome to Nevada.

Fueled by a booming Las Vegas post-pandemic tourist boom, Nevada could see cannabis sales reach US$900 million by the end of 2021.

Cannabis licenses in Nevada, the Battle Born state, are scarce, but newly introduced cannabis lounges could pave the way for increased retail growth.

Body and Mind has a strong brand presence in Nevada that could benefit.

Body and Mind Inc. (BAMM): Arkansas – Hog Wild for Cannabis

Body and Mind Inc. (BAMM): Arkansas – Hog Wild for Cannabis

Arkansas is a limited-license medicinal cannabis state where patients are collectively spending US$600,000 per day. Sophic Capital client Body and Mind has seized upon Arkansas’ growth opportunity with its award-winning dispensary and its cultivation operations. Limited retail competition and upcoming cultivation ramp could create a significant moat, beyond its operations in Nevada, California, and Ohio.

Body and Mind Inc. (BAMM) – Ohio Presents A Large and Growing Cannabis Opportunity

Body and Mind Inc. (BAMM) – Ohio Presents A Large and Growing Cannabis Opportunity

Home of Lebron James, the Rock & Roll and NFL Halls of Fame, and the birthplace of the first man on the moon, Ohio is about to expand beyond its medicinal cannabis industry and go full on recreational. Sophic Capital client Body and Mind has a strong presence in the Buckeye state, a market that could soon rival the cannabis industry in neighboring Michigan. How big could Ohio’s cannabis market become?

Body and Mind Inc. (BAMM) – Cultivating an Investment Idea

Body and Mind Inc. (BAMM) – Cultivating an Investment Idea

The legalization of recreational cannabis in the U.S. is just getting started, with only 16 states approving. Sophic’s newest client is U.S.-based Body and Mind inc, a multi-state cannabis operator with retail, distribution, cultivation and/or processing operations in Nevada, California, Arkansas and Ohio. We interviewed CEO Michael Mills to learn more about the U.S. cannabis industry, and how Body and Mind is positioned to win large market share.

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Biden Signs Marijuana Research Bill, A Historic First For Federal Cannabis Reform $BAMM $BMMJ


#Senators: Please remember that you are public servants who work for the voters. It really doesn't matter if you wear red or blue -- you can make almost everyone happy with #cannabis reform. I, for one, am keeping the receipts.

Two In Three Americans Want Congress To Pass Marijuana Banking Reform, American Bankers Association Poll Finds $BAMM $BMMJ


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Body and Mind is an operations focused US multi-state cannabis operator investing in high quality medical and recreational cannabis cultivation, production and retail.
Operations in CA, NV, OH, AR and MI $BAMM $BMMJ

It was a sky-high day for cannabis stocks following President Biden's order for a review of federal pot laws.

Jumping to conclusions? @timseymour, @GuyAdami and @RiskReversal give their takes.

President Joe Biden pardons thousands for ‘simple possession’ of marijuana.

Biden is also directing the secretary of Health and Human Services and the U.S. attorney general to review how marijuana is scheduled under federal law.



Nevada Marijuana Sales Totaled $965 Million In 2022 Fiscal Year: That's about $38 million (or 4 percent) less than Nevada took in during the prior fiscal year. https://www.marijuanamoment.net/nevada-marijuana-sales-totaled-965-million-in-2022-fiscal-year/

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